Consular services

In this section, you will find information about your registration, how to apply for an identity card or passport, etc.

What services are offered by Belgian consular officers?

  • If you are Belgian and you are travelling temporarily abroad, consult the section Travelling abroad.
  • If you are Belgian and you live permanently abroad, consult the section Consular administrative assistance.

What services are not offered by Belgian consular officers?

  • Intervening in private affairs (for example, hotel bookings, the payment of hotel bills, storing your luggage, finding accommodation, the payment of medical expenses, customs transactions, fines, legal fees, bail payments, fetching back an abducted child or accommodating a minor, the enforcement of a Belgian civil order in a third country, or obliging another country to settle a family dispute, inquiries into crimes or deaths, etc.). 
  • Ensuring that you benefit from preferential treatment in hospitals, by a doctor, in the case of imprisonment, for excursions or visits, or even ensuring your release from prison or intervening in legal proceedings. 
  • Ensuring that you get a job, obtaining your resident's permit or your work permit or an extension of your visa. 

Consular administrative assistance abroad is provided by more than a hundred Belgian general consular posts and career consular posts.

Consular posts are mainly located in the capital or other main cities of the countries over which they have jurisdiction. They sometimes also cover neighbouring countries where Belgium does not have consular representation.

They provide public services for Belgians abroad.

Since the entry into force of the consular code on 15/06/2014, administrative consular assistance is only provided to Belgians who are registered in the consular population register. Assistance to Belgians who are not registered in these registers is limited to the issue of provisional travel documents if the issuing conditions are fulfilled.

As a Belgian domiciled overseas, it is advisable to always contact the Belgian consulate in your country before contacting the FPS Foreign Affairs in Brussels.

From April 2, 2024, the population/legalization desk will be closed to the public every Friday. Thank you for your understanding.

More consular information

General texts on consular services for Belgians abroad can be found on the FPS Foreign Affairs website.